Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where does the time go?

It's officially official. The not-so-little little one has now been enrolled for school starting in September. How can that be? After all, I'm absolutely not one iota older than I was when I had her, so how can she be starting school already? Where does the time go?

Wasn't it just yesterday that she came home, all 5 lbs 6 oz of her, skin and bones and looking like a little bird every time she opened her mouth? Didn't we just purchase this house with the idea that she would one day need a backyard to run around in? When did 'one day' become today?

Like every other transition, I'm sure she'll deal with it better than her father or I will. She will wander in, stand off to the side and just watch for 5 minutes to get the lay of the land and then she'll be off - checking out the other kids, investigating the cool toys and art supplies we don't have at home, with nary a glance back.

She's a magnificent creature, this girl of ours. She's a walking, talking, bonefide miracle, reminding me every day to slow down and check things out, to find joy in little things and to not take everything so seriously. I honestly can't remember life without her (well, except for the ability to sleep late on weekends and walk around without stepping one of a million toys, but I'm digressing here) She has been a complete and total blessing.

I hope the teachers at her new school know what they're getting into when she arrives. More importantly, I hope they recognize just how amazing we already know she is. I wish them luck and bottomless patience for the never ending 'but why does it do that' questions. Perhaps as a welcome to school gift I should get them an encyclopedia set.......or ear plugs.