Thursday, February 21, 2008

If sorry seems to be the hardest word, then goodbye is second

The countdown has begun. Tomorrow will be the last time I board the Greyhound for the trek into the big city. There are so many things I will miss about leaving this job: the people, the neighbourhood, the joy of human interaction every day, the lively debates about reality television and the food (actually, the food is a very close second to the people for things I'll miss)

It's only been 4 months since I returned to the daily grind of office work and while I enjoy the interaction and the new challenges offered, the commute to and from the office is putting a rather serious dent into my "new" life.

I've made such good friends here and it was with a very heavy heart that I came to the conclusion that leaving was really the right thing to do. While the rest of my life will likely align itself in a more orderly fashion, I will truly miss the jokes and laughter over the wall of my cube, the morning bagels, the good news sharing about mutual friends/former colleagues.

No one ever said change was easy, but sometimes it's necessary. To my dear friends, I say not goodbye but, until next time. It has been an honour and a pleasure to have shared the past 3 years with you all.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Infamy is an awful lot of work

Apparently, getting in on the ground floor of new podcast is the best way to get your name mentioned on the internet. My dear friend Todd and his wonderful producer Darcy managed to sneak my name in on this week's podcast yet again. What this of course means for me now is that I need to find new and exciting ways to get them to mention me in future episodes. I'm hooked on the euphoric high of hearing my name on the airwaves. Do you think there's a 12 step program for this?

Of course, it would be better in general if there were more listeners for Todd and Darcy. These boys need feedback people! It's not easy being funny at 7 in the morning every week without ideas for new material. So listen often (heck, subscribe even. It's free!) and feedback with abandon. You too may experience the euphoric rush of hearing your name on the internet. How can you possibly top that?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Who really needs sleep when there's cable?

As some of you may be aware, we have a little person in our house now. No, we didn't take in a midget roommate. Instead, we opted for the "create your own carbon copy" version. Our daughter is a whopping 15 months old already and has been an incredible adventure to date.

As with all adventures, there are good and bad bits. There are the times when you're so glad you have a camera handy to record the stuff you'll probably never see again and there are times when you wish that you could just hit the reset button and try again. Since we've started day care, I'm leaning towards the latter.

Apparently it's pretty normal for a child to become rather ill, many, MANY times once they have been exposed to other children in a day care setting. I can handle this. I was expecting colds, flus and possibly the odd bout of pink eye. What I wasn't expecting was pneumonia in the first 3 weeks and 4 ear infections in the first 3 months. Currently, we've got so many doctors for JP that her day calander is beginning to look like that of a local hospital! She's been on antibiotics almost constantly since she started. Dear Lord, does this ever stop? Was I supposed to become a stay at home mom? Is this a not so subtle hint that I'm on the wrong path?

The one thing helping to keep me sane through all of this is television. I always feel better after watching late night infomercials or re-runs of talk shows that involve circus contortionists and their love affairs with ponies. Compared to all of that, my problems are small and I'm practically verging on normal!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Hey it's TVA - I'm practically famous!

My dear friend Todd Van Allen is a comic whom I happen to adore (I also think he's very funny which is apparently a good thing for comics). I try and catch his show whenever I can steal away from the house for a couple of hours (now that I've moved of course, this is much harder than it used to be)

For those of you who would like to sample some of Todd's amazing wit, feel free to check him out at:

He's got a fabulous podcast going, which incorporates a bit of schtick with his producer and his weekly on air banter with in the thousand islands region.

Since I'm such a fan, I've of course subscribed to the podcast and decided to let them know that I was listening by providing them with feedback. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished, so this week's broadcast includes a reference to me (by NAME no less!) and uses my suggestion for a top 10 list.

Being the drama queen that I am (minus the stage or soap box to perform on) I am shamelessly plugging my 3 seconds of (non) fame here on my (not so popular) blog. Head over to the website, take a listen, enjoy the laughs and remember this: pot makes everything seem much funnier.