Friday, December 02, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been an exceptionally average girl this year. I didn't cure cancer or win the Nobel Peace prize. I didn't end world hunger or stop global warming or even keep my house particularly clean.

I didn't kill any of my co-workers or customers (not even the snarky ones who really needed a good smack to the head), didn't choke the life out of my husband when he was being a total git and even refrained from locking our daughter in her room for 365 days straight in the hopes of not butting heads with her.

What I did do was get up and go to work every day, raise a now 5 year old girl (no easy feat, let me tell you) and tried my darndest to be the best me I could be.

So this year Santa, I'm not going to ask for much - after all, I didn't really earn it (see opening paragraph). What I could really use is:

1. Patience. Lots and lots of patience. If you could double what I have now, I'd still be deficient, but perhaps a little less likely to lose my cool over things like missing mittens and socks and food on my living room floor for the cat to clean up. Last year I asked for patience or an untraceable hand gun. I think I'm improving, don't you?

2. World Peace. I know this is one a number of people have asked for over the years and I think it's time we re-visit it, don't you? How much nicer would it be if we didn't have to think about all our brothers and sisters who are serving and protecting at great personal risk? How much better would it be if we could pick up a newspaper and read about how people are helping each other, instead of shooting or starving.

3. Time. I know this one might be a little outside the realm of possibility (especially compared to the first 2) but I'm still a little hopeful. I don't have enough time every day to work and clean house and learn to be a gourmet cook and be a perfect parent and partner and keep up with Grey's Anatomy. I figure a couple more hours each day will go a LONG way to shortening that list of to-do's.

4. Love. I have lots of this in my house, but I think we need to get more of it out there for others to enjoy. Plus, with the loss this year of a few family members, it means that we all have to love a bit more and without those extra hours in the day, I'm not really sure when I'll fit all that in (hint, hint)

So that's it Santa, just a couple of things I'd like to see a little more of this year. I'll be sure to leave some store-bought cookies and pre-cut carrots out for you and the reindeer - just like always.

I'll save my wishes for my pre-baby body and bank account increases for the Easter Bunny - I hear he's not nearly as busy as you are.....


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