Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday or why relationships are so much work

Well, here we are.

Friday again. Finally.

Although I would much prefer to believe that I work to live, there are far too many instances of late where I am living to work.

Needless to say, all work and no play has made this Jane a very boring girl.

Of course, it also sets the stage for conflict in every other relationship I'm currently involved in.

My parents wonder if I'm here or have jetted off to another country for work (again)

My sister wishes I'd come and visit. Apparently the kids miss me. I suspect the oldest one is ready for college by now and I was pretty sure the last time I saw him he was only 2.

My roommate is about the only person who sees me any more and that's only because we share living space and similar sleeping patterns.

Finally, my romantic relationship has hit what is affectionately known as a rough patch. Not enough face time, too many pressures and one too many late night phone calls with too much to discuss and not enough solutions.


Does anyone really mind the work that's involved in keeping a relationship going? I don't think so, not if you truly care about the people involved. The question of course is, does it have to be THIS hard?

My guess is no. I suspect, like a lot of others, I make things much harder on myself than they need to be. Trying to do too much and then beating myself up when I fail to succeed. Or at least fail to be as perfect as I expect myself to be.

Bottom line is I'm not perfect. Never have been (no matter how hard I tried). Probably never will be. Some aspirations are harder to shake than others I suppose.

So here I am world, warts and all. Take it or leave it.

Me, I'm off to the movies with friends to eat popcorn and have a laugh or two. Tomorrow is another day and I'm pretty sure that as long as I'm breathing, it'll be a good one.

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